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The benefits of locksmith direct

  • Available 24/7 in case of emergencies
  • SKG-certified locks
  • A custom quote by phone or email
  • PKVW certified
  • On location within 20 minutes
  • Pay securely with debit card
  • Fast and professional emergency service
  • Years of experience

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Locksmith Direct is active within a wide area of ​​work. This way you can use our services anywhere in the Netherlands. As a PKVW-approved company, we provide opening, replacement and installation of locks. You can also count on our expertise for advice on burglary safety. We are always at the destination within 20 minutes. Regardless of your location.


Locksmith services

Our technicians can be called in 24 hours a day, even on weekends. So there is never any reason to panic in emergency situations. Regular appointments can also be scheduled at very short notice. We only work with locks that bear the SKG quality mark.

Open Locks

Having a lock open can be necessary in various situations. For example, if you have locked yourself out, if there is lock damage after a burglary or if the key has broken off in the lock. Locksmith Direct is a PKVW-approved company. We open your lock quickly and without damage to the door.

Open locks

Replace locks

Replace locks that are outdated, damaged or worn out? Locksmith direct supplies all types of locks with SKG quality mark from stock. Timely replacement by a PKVW-approved company is important to guarantee the burglary safety of your home. We replace locks by appointment or when there is an emergency. We are available 24/7 for that.

Replace locks

Burglary protection

Locksmith Direct specializes in burglary protection. Our experts are happy to provide you with tailor-made advice. The burglary protection can be improved by installing multi-point locks on doors and windows or locks with a core pull protection. Locksmith supplies and installs all types of security locks with SKG quality mark to increase or improve burglary safety.

Burglary protection

Multi-point lock

A multi-point lock can be installed on doors, but also on windows that are easily accessible from the outside or are susceptible to burglary. Because the door or window is locked at several points, access cannot be forced just like that. Locksmith Direct supplies all types of multi-point locks. Our fitters will of course ensure professional installation.

Multi-point lock


Do you urgently need a locksmith? The mechanics and lock experts of locksmith Direct are available 24/7. In the event of lock damage after a home burglary, when you have locked yourself out or if half of the key has remained in the cylinder of the lock. Our technicians are always on site within 20 minutes.


Core pull protection

With a core pull protection you can better protect your home and property against burglary. Locksmith Direct specializes in installing all types of locks with anti-core pull protection. This way you can prevent a break-in caused by core pulling or lock picking. These locks contribute to excellent burglary prevention and burglary safety.

Core pull protection

When to use a locksmith

You use a locksmith when there is a lockout or defective lock. You also need a locksmith if you want to replace old or worn locks. This also applies to improving burglary safety. Have core pull protection or multi-point locks installed? Even then you need a licensed locksmith.

Locksmith Direct has several branches in the area. This means that there is always an experienced mechanic nearby when you urgently need a licensed locksmith. We use a quick arrival time of 20 minutes. So you never have to wait long for reliable help. We also guarantee these fast arrival times at night.

Old locks should be replaced as soon as possible. In this way, your home and property will remain protected against burglary. Worn or damaged locks no longer provide the protection you need. In addition, all kinds of lock problems can arise and the key can break off in the cylinder of the lock.

Locksmith Direct specializes in improving and tightening up burglary safety. We do this by checking and by giving tailor-made advice. For example, having multi-point locks installed on windows and doors. Core pull protections also contribute to good burglary protection. We supply all types of SKG security locks directly from stock.

Sanne van Gorp

I accidentally locked myself out last night. Called the emergency service of locksmith Direct as soon as possible. Very soon a mechanic was at the door! My lock was opened without any damage and I was able to get back inside quickly. What a great service! Very professional, correct and friendly. Recommended!


Arie van Dongen

Have all old locks replaced by locksmith Direct this week. Can make very good arrangements in advance. Clear and transparent. The locks were received quickly and very professionally. The mechanic even provided me with tips against home burglary. Very nice and fast service. Locksmiths who know what they are doing!


Family van Deelen

The number of burglaries has exploded in our neighbourhood. We called locksmith Direct for advice and quickly made an appointment with a lock expert. Super nice explanation and advice. Immediately have multi-point locks installed on windows and doors. I feel a lot safer now. Clear communication and a quote that you receive in advance. Top!